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Saudi police kill 2 suspected extremists in capital, Riyadh

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This picture released by the state sponsored Saudi Press Agency purports to show Taie bin Salem bin Yaslam al-Saya\'ari who was killed Saturday by police in the capital\'s northern Yasmeen neighborhood. Saudi Arabia says the man who planned a suicide bombing in July outside of the mosque where the Prophet Muhammad is buried is one of the two extremists killed in a shootout with police in Riyadh. (Saudi Press Agency via AP)



DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Authorities in Saudi Arabia say police have shot and killed two suspected Islamic State extremists in the capital, Riyadh.

The Interior Ministry says the two suspected militants opened fire Saturday on police after being surrounded in the capital's northern Yasmeen neighborhood, forcing officers to return fire and kill them. It said one officer was slightly wounded.

The Interior Ministry published photos of explosive suicide vests, rifles and ammunition it said officers found. It also said material found inside the home the two men hid in suggests it was used to manufacture bombs.

Saudi Arabia has faced a series of attacks from a local Islamic State affiliate.

The militant threat in the kingdom is the most serious it has faced since an al-Qaida insurgency over a decade ago.






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