Colombia: 9 killed in rebel attack

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A police officer sits in the debris of the destroyed police station of Inza, in Colombia\'s southern Cauca state, Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013. The Colombian Army said that five members of the military, two civilians and one police officer were killed after rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, threw artisanal mortar at the post from a truck, destroying that and several other buildings. (AP Photo/Juan Bautista Diaz)


BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos says nine people, including civilians, military and a police officer, died in an attack on a police post that's being blamed on rebels.

Santos says 23 civilians, 12 police and three troops were wounded in the attack in the community of Inza in Cauca department. He has offered a reward worth about $26,000 for information for leading to the capture of those responsible.

Lt. Col. Mauricio Cardenas said Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia rebels threw artisanal mortars at the station from a truck on Saturday, destroying that and several other buildings. Five soldiers, three civilians and a police officer died.

Santos ratified the continuation of peace negotiations with the FARC but ruled out a ceasefire. The talks have been held in Cuba since late 2012.