Thai protesters cross barriers, reach PM's office

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An Anti-government protester waves Thai National Flag under water cannon fired by police during a protest in Bangkok, Thailand, Monday, Dec. 2, 2013. After a weekend of chaos in pockets of Bangkok, protesters vowed to push ahead with plans to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra by occupying her office compound along with other key government buildings. Police again used tear gas on thousands of protesters on Monday after repeatedly driving them back with similar attacks throughout Sunday. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)


BANGKOK (AP) — Anti-government protesters have crossed heavily fortified barriers and reached the gates of the prime minister's office without resistance from the police.

Earlier Tuesday, police used cranes to remove concrete slabs and barbed wire barricades on a road leading to the nearby city police headquarters after agreeing to let the protesters into the building.

The unexpected reversal of strategy by the government suggests it no longer wants to confront the protesters after three days of clashes. Government officials did not comment on the developments. At least three people have died and more than 230 people have been injured in street battles.

The protesters milled outside the gates of the prime minister's office, known as Government House, and made no attempt to go through the gray gates of the sprawling compound.