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Talk about a road trip. Mattece Mason traveled with eight members of her family — three generations — in a 12-passenger van from Tulsa, Okla., to New York City for a night, and, finally, to Washington, D.C. for the festivities.

After the ceremony, the 34-year-old Mason sat on a bench with three of her daughters and traded impressions of the day.

"It was just momentous. I think the second inauguration of this president was even more important than the first. Because it was based on his credentials, you know?" Mason said. Twelve-year-old Sanaa added: "It made me feel good. I got to see Obama!" And 8-year-old Jada said: "I got to see the president AND Beyonce."

Asked about Michelle's hair, the mother and daughters screamed and gushed about how much they loved the first lady's new bangs.

Mason said her 14-year-old daughter Aubrianna told her that she wanted bangs now, too. "That made me feel great because my girls have such a role model. A first lady they can emulate."

— Jocelyn Noveck — Twitter http://twitter.com/jocelynnoveckap


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