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Weather Underground midday recap for Tuesday, December 25, 2012.

A winter storm with a twist rocked the southern Plains and southern Mississippi Valley on Christmas Day. The storm brought severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to the region from eastern Texas through Mississippi. Additionally heavy rain was reported from Texas to Alabama. To the north and west, cold air drove southward, and turned the rain to snow across portions of Texas and Oklahoma. Strong winds were problematic with this snowfall and resulted in near whiteout conditions across western Oklahoma.

Snow was expected to continue throughout the day and move to the northeast. Snowfall was expected to increase in intensity, and up to a foot of snow was forecast for a narrow band stretching from Little Rock to Cleveland.

In the West, more rain and mountain snow fell as a Pacific storm moved ashore. Bands of heavy rain made their way down the coast, reaching south to around Big Sur by midday. The Lake Tahoe region saw some snowfall in California as did most of the Cascades in the Northwest. Snow levels were relatively high, and none of the major cities in the Northwest reported snowfall.

The southwest saw some cloudy skies, but precipitation was minimal through the southern Rockies and into western Texas.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Tuesday have ranged from a morning low of -23 degrees at Havre, Mont. to a midday high of 87 degrees at Brownsville, Texas